Mary Okarethe

Hi there...

With 5+ years working across different brands, I’ve worn many hats as a product marketer across diverse industries – and let me tell you, it’s been an exhilarating ride.


Currently, I lead marketing at Crowd, a prominent player in the user research and customer feedback space.


My professional journey includes pivotal roles in several startups. Notably, I spearheaded product marketing initiatives at Flickwheel, Nigeria’s first auto finance repair and maintenance platform, and CT Productions, an international sales agent for the Economist Group.


When I’m not brainstorming ideas for a new campaign or leveraging user behavior analysis to steer product marketing initiatives, you’ll find me neck-deep in African literature.


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My Skills:

  1. Market Research and Analysis
  2. Product Positioning and Messaging
  3. Go-to-Market (GTM) Planning
  4. Cross-functional Collaboration
  5. Creating captivating stories
  6. Analytical Skills
  7. Project Management
  8. And advocating for the customer at every turn

My Tools:

Hubspot/Zoho, Google analytics, SEMrush, Crowd, Notion/Trello, Hotjar/Apollo, Similarweb, and Loom.