Mary Okarethe

Flickwheel -

Driving growth and innovation at one of Nigeria's emerging Automobile and Financial Service Company

About the brand

Flickwheel is a comprehensive Automobile and Financial Service Company in Nigeria that helps connect car owners with vetted, reputable auto technicians and provides a range of benefits, including access to auto repair financing, real-time repair updates, detailed vehicle history reports, and a suite of 360-degree premium automobile services.

Objectives and Goals of the business:

  • Increase brand awareness of their flagship product/service; Fix now, and pay later. 
  • Drive app downloads and customer acquisition and engagement through innovative marketing strategies.

Strategies I Worked On

  1. Integrated Digital Campaign: Implemented a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, leveraging social media, targeted online advertising, and content marketing to reach a car owners in Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. Product-Centric Content Creation: Whilst overseeing the media and marketing team, created engaging content highlighting Flickwheel’s innovative automobile offerings and seamless financial services integration.
  3. Strategic Partnerships: Forged strategic partnerships with influencers, automotive experts, and financial advisors to amplify brand credibility and reach via webinars and Twitter spaces.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: Deployed personalized marketing initiatives, focusing on customer needs and pain points to establish a strong emotional connection.
  5. Innovative Promotions: Introduced innovative promotions and incentives to drive customer engagement, including exclusive financing options and referral programs.

The Results

  • 1. Increased App Installs: Achieved a 40% increase in app downloads through targeted digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Google.

  • 2. Customer Acquisition: Ran retargeting ads that increased number of signups after users downloaded the app.

  • 3. Engagement Metrics: Generated a 60% increase in website traffic and a 35% rise in social media engagement.

  • 4. Revenue Growth: Contributed to a 30% boost in sales revenue attributed to the campaign period.