Mary Okarethe

Hairitage -

Pivoting digital transformation through social impact strategies at a luxurious healthy hair brand located in Lagos, Nigeria.​

The Brand

HairitageHub, a luxury healthy hair care brand in Lagos, Nigeria, aimed to pivot its digital strategies to enhance brand presence, engagement, and sales. Recognizing the need for robust social media management and impactful marketing campaigns, the founder sought a marketing lead to optimize their online presence.

The Challenge

Initially managing social media alone, the founder needed assistance to handle social media management, optimize Email/SMS marketing, curate compelling campaigns, and streamline response management to elevate the brand’s digital presence.

The Solution

Upon joining the product marketing team, I initiated specific strategies to propel the brand’s digital transformation and social impact:

Wash Day Series Campaign

Promote bespoke treatment plans to Hairitage customers and educate the audience about HairitageHub’s offerings.

  • Preparation Phase: Planned a comprehensive two-month Instagram campaign focusing on bespoke treatment plans. Created a visually appealing Instagram feed with curated aesthetics to highlight various treatments.
  • Content Creation: Developed engaging graphics, including before-and-after visuals, treatment insights, and client testimonials. Conducted sit-down video interviews with regular clients who are celebrities in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Leveraged influencer partnerships to extend campaign reach and credibility, reaching a larger audience through their followers.

  • Growth Metrics: Noted a growth of 200 new followers, 9500-page impressions, 50 website taps, and 20 call button taps through Instagram Insights.
  • Increased Inquiries: Observed a surge in inquiries for treatment plans and services offered by HairitageHub, indicating heightened interest and engagement among the audience.

Connection with Healthy Hair enthusiasts

Objective: Build an engaged community of healthy hair enthusiasts.

  • Content Strategy: Curated and published quality content aligned with healthy hair practices on the Instagram feed and Stories. Adopted a daily posting schedule to maintain regular interaction and engagement.
  • Keyword Optimization: Conducted thorough research on keywords and phrases used by the healthy hair community. Integrated these into captions and hashtags to improve discoverability and engagement.
  • Engagement Boost: Resulted in reposts, shares from prominent hair blogs/pages, an increased follower count, and a notable uptick in comments and inquiries related to healthy hair practices and treatments.

  • Community Engagement: Received active participation from the targeted community, evident from increased comments, shares, and reposts.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Experienced a rise in brand mentions, user-generated content, and engagement with top hair enthusiasts and influencers.

DIY Hair Care During Covid

Objective: Support customers with at-home hair care during the pandemic and introduce a new product.

  • Product Launch: Introduced a thermal deep conditioning cap for at-home hair steaming to maintain salon-like hair care experiences.
  • SMS and Mailchimp Campaigns: Executed a 5-day SMS campaign and an email marketing campaign offering at-home hair care tips and tricks. Concluded campaigns by introducing the new product to customers.

  • Sales: Generated over 10 weekly sales of the thermal deep conditioning cap by 40%.
  • Customer Engagement: Attracted significant customer interest and inquiries about the thermal deep conditioning cap, highlighting the effectiveness of the campaign in addressing customer needs during the pandemic.